DSZ is a network of voluntary digital security trainers, IT professionals and privacy advocates scattered across the country, working together on a mission to empower Zimbabwean activists, human rights defenders and everyday internet users to become more resilient and secure in their use of digital tools online and offline, through capacity building assistance, technical support and knowledge sharing.


DSZ provides in person and web-based digital security literacy capacity building and training to human rights defenders, journalists and a broad range of activists undertaking work in Zimbabwe. The training curriculum and capacity building support may be sector specific, is accordingly tailored to the specific needs of the beneficiaries. Some of the common topics explored include: protecting against malware and viruses, creating strong passwords, mobile security, browsing the internet securely, assessing digital threats, securing information through disk encryption, and securing communication privacy through email encryption. DSZ undertakes to use free and open source softwares (FOSS tools) in all capacity building endeavors.


Information Sharing

Through the Digisec 101 blog, website platform and social network, DSZ seeks to empower ordinary people with critical digital security knowledge. We also write white papers, around pertinent information security subjects.

Digital Strategy Formulation & Support: With many years of combined experience and expertise in the digital and information security sector formed through working with various HRDs, DSZ has developed the knowledge to create robust digital security strategies for organizations that need them. This is achieved through undertaking organizational assessments and security audits; threat modeling, designing appropriate security roadmaps and providing relevant technical support.