Zimbabwean election website blocked following 2018 general elections

By : August 10, 2018 No Comments

Ahead of Zimbabwe’s July 30, many people wondered if whoever is in charge would keep the internet on, given that internet shutdowns and blackouts have become a trend in Africa, particularly around elections. While the anticipated internet disruptions did not happen as expected, there were other interesting developments. Riots erupted last week in Harare as election results delayed, prompting concerns of internet censorship events being triggered. Internet censorship has been measured in Zimbabwe all along (since 2016).

Digital Security Guide – First Edition

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The more we use the Internet and the ever evolving digital technologies, the more risks and threats we expose ourselves to. There are a number of (potential) adversaries who have everything to gain from getting their hands on our personal data: companies, governments, criminals and opportunistic people. This guide is intended to help the ordinary everyday technology user to safely navigate the digital space and protect themselves from common digital threats both online.