Digital Society of Zimbabwe (DSZ) is an organization that works with a distributed network of technologists with a wide range of expertise and specialties including digital security trainers, Microsoft Certified Professionals, database experts, security auditors, localization enthusiasts as well as data wranglers. The range of expertise in our network ensures that DSZ is able to assist individuals and organizations working on the frontlines: from developing crowdsourcing platforms to assessing the state of digital security through organizational security assessments.


Digital Security Awareness & Training

DSZ works with human rights defenders; independent activists and journalists to understand their digital security and privacy risks and help them to protect themselves and their information and build their digital security skills. If you are interested in hosting a digital security workshop, having us talk about digital security awareness at your event or want to talk to us about our digital security-training program, please get in touch on info@dszim.org.

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Security Assessments

The security of organizations is the sum total of its individual parts. Establishing the status of your organization’s security is not only key to find out whether your systems and security has already been compromised, but it also enables users to stay on top of the latest security threats. If you are interested in talking to us about conducting an organizational security assessment with your organization, please get in touch on info@dszim.org

Tech Support & Hardware Treatment

Our team has experience in working with both hardware and software of different operating systems i.e Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc

Usability Testing

As a team dedicated to supporting human rights defenders, DSZ tests the usability of various security apps before training or recommending them to users. This includes existing and new apps still in development. Usability testing allows us to give critical feedback to developers whilst ensuring that technical solutions to digital security problems make sense to users and address specific needs.

Research: Internet Governance, InfoSec, Security Practices.

On occasion, members of the DSZ team lend their expertise to important pieces of research work related to technology, digital security, digital rights and internet governance. Below are some of the resources we have contributed to over the years:

State of Internet Freedom in Zimbabwe 2017 Report – Intermediaries’ Role in Advancing Internet Freedom: Challenges & Prospects 

State of Internet Freedom in Zimbabwe 2016 Report – Charting Patterns in the Strategies African Governments Use to Stifle Citizens’ Digital Rights

Stakeholder Report: Zimbabwe Universal Periodic Review 26th Session – March 2016.

Computer Crime and Cyber Crime – A Framework for Zimbabwe: A Paper by Digital Society of Zimbabwe and MISA Zimbabwe: